Cybertek 2024

Cyber Bebok for Easter: Time for Rest and Greenery

Once upon a time, beyond the mountains, beyond the forests, under the Silesian mines…

There was born a one-of-a-kind Cyber Bebok, whose mission is to continuously spread knowledge in the field of cybersecurity for industrial networks. But even he needs to rest sometimes, especially when it comes to Easter 💚🐣

For this upcoming time, the CyberTek team wishes you:

➡️ unbridled optimism, akin to what all #OTWarriors will experience during our Tech Festival,

➡️ peace of mind and detachment from all worries,

➡️ wonderful, joyful moments with loved ones

➡️ and as much greenery in your backyard gardens as possible – it promotes relaxation and stress reduction. It’s no coincidence that Cyber Bebok has precisely that color 🙂🌿

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