Cybertek 2024

Gain CPE points!

You can’t remain indifferent to such news πŸš€πŸŽ‰

Did you know that by participating in the CyberTek Tech Festival, you can earn extra CPE (Continuing Professional Education) points? They’ll help you renew your professional certifications like CISSP / CISA / CISM / CRISC / CGEIT πŸ’»

When, for what, how much❓

🟒 Tuesday, May 14 – 7 points for the Advance OT/ICS Industrial Security workshop with ICS Range & Tekniska –
🟒 Tuesday, May 14 (parallel event to the above) – 4 points for the Adversary Emulation for OT training –
🟒 Wednesday, May 15 – participation in Day 1 of the conference – 8 points.
🟒 Thursday, May 16 – participation in Day 2 of the conference – 7 points.

Result: each participant of the CyberTek Tech Festival can earn up to 15 CPE points, and if they participate in Tuesday’s workshops, they can earn a total of 19 to even 22 points! 🀯

The world is changing, and there’s always a lot happening in the cybersecurity industry. So stay up-to-date and elevate your knowledge and professional skills with us πŸ“šπŸŒŸ

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