Cybertek 2024

Cyber Bebok prepared:


2024/05/14 (Tuesday) day zero of the conference – workshops (ticketed separately) and Before Party (for PRO ticket holders)

2024/05/15 (Wednesday) first day of the conference and Cyber Party!

2024/05/16 (Thursday) second day of the conference



You are welcome to register on level -4 (minus four) during the hours:

May 15, 2024: registration is open from 9:00 a.m.

May 16, 2024: registration is open from 9:30 am

When registering, we will ask you to present a QR code in the Eventory app.

Be sure to download the app to build your own agenda and sign up for workshops on the following days of the conference.

Each participant will receive a badge, wristband and a package of conference goodies (depending on the type of entry – you can also pick up a souvenir package at the end of the day)



Download the Eventory app (the QR code with the link to the app is also on your ticket), and here are more details:

It will be necessary for:

1️⃣ event entry

2️⃣ signing up for limited workshops

3️⃣ communication and making appointments

and many other activities!



You can find the agenda on the event website ( and on the Eventory app. #ProTip: In the app you can mark which sessions you want to visit and make it easier to manage your time during the Festival.



The lecture language will be English and Polish. Simultaneous translation will be provided on the plenary stage. In other halls, the session language depends on the presenter.



Registration is required for some sessions and separate tickets for some sessions.



We kindly ask you to enter the Plenary Hall through the entrance from the minus 4 level, and exit to the minus 3 level. 



Be sure to visit the booths of CyberTek partners on the minus 3 and minus 4 levels 🤝 There are plush Beeboks waiting for the most active visitors.



Lunch will be served from 1:15 to 2:00 p.m. Coffee and snacks at hours throughout the day 🍽



It is a tradition that after a full day of meetings and debates held at CyberTek, we invite you to a Cyber Party and networking. The very place of organizing Cyber Clubbing also deserves attention – the Kingdom, is a club space located literally in the heart of Katowice, the Roundabout of Art. We start at 8 pm 🎉

Cyber Party address on May 15: Gen. Jerzy Ziętek Roundabout 1, 40-001 Katowice.

BASIC, PRO ticket holders and CyberTek partners and speakers are invited to the After Party.



All information about the event is available 🗨 or from Festival Manager:



“Black tie. Joke! Dress comfortably, we suggest smart casual.



Silesian Museum ul. Dobrowolskiego 1, 40-205 Katowice.

We occupy levels minus 3 and minus 4!


💡If you are staying in one of the suggested hotels you will get everywhere on foot in maximum 15 minutes.



The Silesian Museum has two parking lots (underground and above-ground). For our event, we have reserved the museum’s surface parking lot and one level of underground parking.However, due to its location in the city center, the number of parking spaces is limited. If possible, park your car under the hotel and get around by public transportation/taxis.

🅿To use the parking lot free of charge, use an entry card: LINK

The entrance to the parking lots is from T. Dobrowolski Street. There are spaces for people with disabilities in the parking lot.

Note: according to the Museum’s rules and regulations, it is not allowed to leave your car overnight in the parking lot 🚫.



The way to the CyberTek will be shown to you 🏳 🏳 🏳 flags in front of the entrance to the Museum administration building. From Roździeńskiego Street, look for the first glass pavilion on the right and flags with the Conference logo. From the side of NOSPR and the shaft, it will be the last of the glass buildings. 

In case of any doubt, contact Festival Manager: Contact


Enjoy the cyber!

CyberTek Team

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