Cybertek 2024

CyberTek Tech Festival 2024 is coming! Get a fresh perspective on OT/ICS cyber security

Silesian Museum in Katowice, 14-16 May 2024 – remember this place and date, because already then the heart of Silesia will take on a truly cybernetic sound. The second edition of the CyberTek Tech Festival is fast approaching, bringing with it even more knowledge, practice and networking opportunities.

We believe that only the continuous improvement of technical competences, sharing knowledge and experience and improving cooperation between organisations can help us to respond to threats in an instant and better integrate the environment related to the security of Polish critical infrastructure.

This is why the CyberTek Tech Festival was created – the only conference of its kind in Poland, bringing together cyber security specialists, industry leaders and OT/ICS gurus from around the world. All this to share knowledge, experience and be able to confront views, gaining a completely fresh perspective on cyber security issues.


Want to share your knowledge by presenting in front of a group of specialists in your industry? Become a speaker. Send your application by 30 March 2024. –


Buy a ticket for CyberTek’24 until 15 January 2024 at a lower price! For the first round of tickets only, you benefit doubly – buy an entrance ticket cheaper and secure accommodation at a convenient distance and price, together with your festival ticket – BUT TICKET.


Visit the official CyberTek Tech Festival website and find out the details of our event. The site is updated on a regular basis so that you always have access to the latest information.


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