Cybertek 2024

#EverythingConnects – a tech playroom by Tekniska – 2024/05/15-16

At CyberTek Festival 2024, in addition to a large number of substantive lectures, debates, discussions and workshops, we have prepared another surprise for you – Network Playground. This is a technical playroom dedicated to those who feel like testing solutions in the field of industrial networks, monitoring and cybersecurity.

Training – Adversary Emulation for OT – 2024/05/14

In this workshop, we will introduce adversary emulation for OT. Adversary emulation is a type of Red Teaming driven by Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), attempting to closely emulate real-world threats in order to test an organization’s resilience. OT environments come with unique challenges in this regard, not just in terms of execution – but also in terms of environmental uniqueness. In this workshop, we will illustrate the fundamentals of adversary emulation with real-world case studies applied to realistic OT environments. Participants will leave with an appreciation for and hands-on experience with the value and nuances of this methodology for OT environments.

TRAINING – Advance OT/ ICS Industrial Security – 2024/05/14

Make the most of your presence at CTTF’24!

A unique, advanced training with hands-on elements. This is an intensive day with coffee and lunch for reinforcement, fantastic trainers – ICS cybersecurity practitioners from ICSRange and Tekniska. Please note: limited number of participants.

Before Party 2024/05/14

A unique event for those who have come before – the intimate group of guests and speakers guarantees networking opportunities on a completely different level. Participant list limited to 100-120 people. Event for PRO ticket holders only.

CyberParty 2024/05/15

It is already a tradition that after a full day of meetings and debates organised as part of CyberTek, we invite you to the cyber Party and networking event.

The venue of the event is also noteworthy – KINGDOM is a club space located in the heart of Katowice, next to the Roundabout of Art. Entry to the party is possible for every CyberTek 2024 ticket holder.

CTF Gameplay –
ThreatGEN Red vs. Blue

Take part in the exciting Red vs. Blue Team Tournament at the CyberTek Tech Festival!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of cyber security strategy with ThreatGEN Red vs. Blue, an immersive turn-based game designed for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this game is for you!

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