Cybertek 2024

#EverythingConnects – a tech playroom by Tekniska – 2024/05/15-16

At CyberTek Festival 2024, in addition to a large number of substantive lectures, debates, discussions and workshops, we have prepared another surprise for you – Network Playground.

Industrial networks come alive

This is a technical playroom dedicated to those who feel like testing solutions in the field of industrial networks, monitoring and cybersecurity. In it:

  1. You will check, configure and test various data transmission techniques and network tools,
  2. You will discuss the selected issue with the instructor,
  3. You will discuss preparation for PoV/PoC or FAT/SAT tests.


What’s in store for you?

When visiting the Network Playground, you can expect interesting hands-on tasks, including:

  1. You will go through the ways of configuration and user interface, as well as the capabilities of different systems,
  2. You will try to mess up the configuration or violate the network topology and observe what effect it has on availability,
  3. You will recreate the setup with the help of an instructor.

The CyberTek Festival team will also make sure that they are available for you to test:

  1. Westermo L2 and L3 industrial switches and WeConfig software
  2. Industrial G.SHDSL Extenders and Media Converters
  3. Serial port servers and protocol converters
  4. Access routers
  5. XTran industrial MPLS-TP nodes and TXCare software
  6. NAC MacMon  
  7. Zabbix monitoring system
  8. Wazuh Platform
  9. Salvador Technologies back-up solutions
  10. Data Diodes

And many more!


The trainers will be experienced members of the Tekniska team, with a wealth of skills and knowledge in their field, who will provide quality training and support.


Network Playground will be open for both days of the event (May 15-16), allowing participants to freely use its resources and capabilities. There is no need to purchase additional tickets to take advantage of this fascinating area of the event.

Join the event & enjoy the cyber!

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