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Do you have doubts? That’s why we are here to dispel!

Aleksandra Latocha
Festival Manager
+48 608 688 899

She talks a lot, but she can also listen. Nothing escapes her diary, she regales us with data about events on the web and beyond
Justyna Budner - Marciniak
Festival Manager

The creative force behind the event, will solve your problems you don't even know about, and in a style you can't understand.
Cyber Bebok
Festival Hero

Lost his smartphone 😉

Cyber Bebok is the mascot and hero of CyberTek Tech Festival. He combines Silesian “bebok” traditions with modern cyber issues. Cute and green, with a wry smile, he is very helpful, although he sometimes messes around (as a goblin does). In our materials, among other things, he determines the difficulty level of a given lecture/workshop, so that every participant can choose something for himself among the levels of initiation and the richness of the agenda. At the event, he points the way to the lecture venues. We hope that you will like it, as we do, and that it will put a smile on your face.

Behind the scenes

The CyberTek Tech Festival is organised by Tekniska Polska Sp. z o.o. .

The world of OT is our everyday life. For more than 20 years, we have been providing our customers with comprehensive solutions and know-how in the area of OT/ICS industrial networks and their cyber security.

The impetus for the CyberTek conference was the need to create a platform for the exchange of competence in the area of cyber security in southern Poland – we wanted to organise a conference in which we ourselves would like to participate. Over time, the event has grown in scale not only nationally, but also internationally, thanks to invited guests and speakers from all corners of the world. We are delighted that the motto for all involved is “Enjoy the cyber!”.

Our ambition is to build a strong community of industrial systems cyber-security specialists, based on mutual support and exchange of experience. ń.

Zuzanna Wieczorek

Mastermind of conference & CEO Tekniska

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